CSS musings “Starting the CSS” blogging

This is the new CSS (Critical Scientists Switzerland) blog starting July 1, 2015.

We invite you to share and discus critical scientific issues with CSS people at this blog.

Comments and Articles about the energy and environmental problems and how to (not!) solve them within Switzerland and elsewhere on the planet will be discussed here.

Todays topic is the Suisse Position on a Framework for Sustainable Development Post 2015

and especially point 2 which stands for:

“Respect for planetary boundaries: the new agenda and its practical implementation must respect natural limitations, the carrying capacity of ecosystems and planetary boundaries.”

on page 9/10 of the document one reads:

“The concept of planetary boundaries outlines a “safe operating space for humanity” as a precondition for sustainable development. A framework for sustainable development and its implementation into practice have to respect natural limitations, the sustainability limits of ecosystems and planetary boundaries. A healthy environment and resilient ecosystems are a precondition for sustainable development. Therefore it is necessary to take into account the fact that natural renewable resources are limited by the services of ecosystems, their flows and their space, whereas non-renewable natural resources are limited in absolute terms. While fostering the implementation of policies to overcome poverty and social exclusion, and to enhance social resilience, the healthy functioning of the Earth’s ecosystems has to be maintained through protection and sustainable management of natural resources. The latter is a precondition for fair and just access to, as well as distribution of, natural resources and goods while respecting human rights obligations and commitments. Thus, planetary boundaries provide a safe space for innovation, growth and development.” 

This sounds like a new policy which want to include scientific facts and warnings as a binding guidance for policy decisions. Unfortunately this  remains and empty bubble as long as Scientists from Switzerland working on the understanding of these limits are not invited to define quantitatively these boundaries for Switzerland. As critical scientists from within Switzerland we just invite ourself and our readers to add their ideas and quantitative estimates for these boundaries such that Switzerland’s  policy makers should find no excuse to not fulfil their promises.

Please add your questions and ideas about the real Suisse and global boundaries we all need to respect.

Details about the Suisse position Post 2015 Agenda can be found in these documents:





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One Response to CSS musings “Starting the CSS” blogging

  1. Currently roughly 55% of the Suisse energy use and services are provided directly with oil which is 100% imported.

    In order to understand the boundaries for the unsustainable energy use in Switzerland we need urgently to understand the importance of oil for todays “way of life” and figure out how how to decrease the oil dependency of Switzerland.


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